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Step 1: Add www.thesupersurvey.com to your site!

Please use the following information to link to us:

  • Title: Highest Paid Survey Review
  • Url: http://www.thesupersurvey.com
  • Description: Find reviews of the highest paid surveys.

    Here's what our link should look like on your site:

    Highest Paid Survey Review
    Find reviews of the highest paid surveys.

    We review every link submission to ensure the links submitted will be of the same industry we serve. You will notice a list of catagories added. If you do not see your category, please contact us and we will add your category if it fits our industry. Please make sure there are no blank spaces at the end of your url, otherwise our software will not be able to verify your site's link to us. We also manually view all submissions to verify.

    Step 2: Your Linking Information

    Fill out the reciprocal linking form below. If it is set to automatic then our script will immediately approve your link and add it to our directory pages "IF" the reciprocal link back to our site is present on your domain. Only true reciprocal linking is allowed. You will not be able to request a link for one domain, yet offer a link back to us from another domain.

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