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What is a Money Tree?

An article about the real money tree.  Enjoy. Editor

A money tree is a good luck plant. Its official botanical title is Pachira. This good luck plant can grow a few little inches or it can grow to a staggering seven feet in height. The money tree is commonly known for its thick trunk that is contrasted by its thin branchs. There are five large leaves jutting out of the top of the unique plant. Some say that the leaves represent five fingers on a person’s hand.

The trunk of the money tree may be twisted. This plant can be trained to grow in different directions and some like to braid the trunks of the smaller money tree by combining between three and five trunks. Some have even braided together as many as eight trunks together to create a design known as a golden cage.

The concept of the golden cage design comes from the analogy of the five fingers collecting the cash and the golden cage holds the cash locking the funds safely away. Of course, the five leaves represent the fingers and the braided trunks represent the cage.

money tree graphic
money tree image

This innovative and poetic representation gives the money tree its depth and value. For this reason, the money tree makes a wonderful gift for people who are purchasing a new home. The gift is also a great idea for a wedding present wishing the happy couple great wealth in the future.

The money tree is also a fantastic gift to buy for a business associate. It represents good fortune in your company’s interactions and general business practices. The present is appropriate for holidays and birthdays as well as miscellaneous occasions that call for such a thoughtful gesture.

Not everyone associates with the Pachira plant. My grandmother once bought one for my grandfather. When she told him what he was getting while he was opening it (which she had a habit of doing) he hurried through the wrapping paper in anticipation. When he saw his money tree, he looked at my grandmother in confusion. He was literally expecting a tree made out of money.

From that time on, our family created our own money trees out of real cash for my grandfather. He was never disappointed in the gifts. We made sure to change the designs each and every time to keep things interesting. No matter what he liked the trees. Nothing says love more than a real money tree.

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